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Mum kneeling down with son by french windows

Make your way to north London for a fun-filled afternoon family photography session with Grayson & mum in the rain and the shine.


North London Photography - An afternoon with Grayson and mum

Documenting a relationship through play

In my experience, it's not just kids who are amazing at play. The mums and dads of this world are pretty damn good at it too. Pippa and I find ourselves doing the craziest of things with Leo - all in the name of play. But actually, it's more than that. Of course, it's all about the child's unique development, and your own unique relationship with them - which is growing anew each day. Here are the Photos of Grayson and his mum, where the development and the relationship is growing right out of the now of one Sunday afternoon.

Play in the wild of real life

During the session it rained a bit, and shined a bit. And so the play started inside, and then migrated outside, before coming back in for a plasters and more fun. And the two play buddies adapted their play effortlessly at each turn throughout the afternoon. Mum said after the session that it was totally normal to adapt and change to suit the circumstances. And their real life documentary photo session was able to celebrate these various facets of their play, and of course, their relationship - capturing each activity for what it was, before we were on to the next.

Three-dimensional photos

Take a look at the selection of photos below - which document the play, the relationship and the shear enjoyment of each others company that mum and son can have. This is real life documentary family photography in London. And it was a pleasure to capture it in all its dimensions.

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