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Mother embracing child whilst walking in woods.


And it’s new each day. 

You know this because it’s the spontaneous moments of connection that make you feel so alive.

What you want is to see this life you’re creating together. 

What you totally want is to see yourself in it, as you live it.

What you utterly want is to see the unique love you all share.

And that’s what’s going to happen when you book me. Here’s how:


Boy throwing jacket in the air in a grassy field


If you care about your kids and your family, then let it be known that I am already your biggest fan. The whole world of modern parenting is an amazing thing and, as a parent myself, is something that I have the upmost respect for. And I bet it feels weird to contact someone that you don’t know in order to photograph the things that you do together – even when you know yourself that it’s the most beautiful thing in the world. So don’t bother! Instead, let us get to know each other naturally.

Follow what I’m up to on Instagram, and let me know your thoughts about anything under the sun, in a post comment or a DM. You can also download a short audio-muse about moments of connection in everyday modern parenting – at the bottom of this page. You’ll hear what my voice sounds like, as well as some of the occasionally comprehensible thoughts I have. And let’s see where that takes us.

2 – CHAT

When you’re feeling like you know what I’m about, and that I might know what you’re about, and that all feels comfortable – then go right ahead and ask me anything. Ask me about what it’s like to do a session, and with as many detailed questions as you like. You can email using: info(at)benheasman.com or Instagram or Facebook DM’s. I’ll go over any points you’d like going over, and I’ll give you a special link to an FAQ’s page, containing even more details about the experience, the investment, and the precious photos you’ll get. We can also chat on the phone to discuss how I can help you make these wonderful photos for your family. And if it’s working for us, then you can book your session with a small deposit.  £495 books you a full day and £295 books a half day.


We spend half a day or a full day together, and I take pictures of all the things you love about your real life together. And you’ll be able to see your whole story in a beautiful gallery of photos that arrive in your inbox a few weeks later – along with a slideshow that you can share with your folks from the moment it lands. You can also choose to have this story curated in a gorgeous photo book. There is nothing quite like the pleasure of turning through page after page and seeing you, your loved ones, and all your togetherness – physically right there. Oh, and I’ll be your family’s friend forever. No doubt about it.

Book of photographs showing pictures of dad and boy playing
Book of photographs showing portraits of a boy
Boy relaxing at dinner table during photography session


We’ll get to know each other before your session, so it will feel familiar on the day. But more than that, your session will feel completely your own, as you are free to spend it in the simple way that makes you all happy. You can make a mess and then clean up, go crazy and then take five, go out or stay in – or both. I will hang out with you all and capture dramatic goals scored, quiet moments of tenderness, and simple activities like eating and simply being together that mean something to you. I’ll photograph everything about what it means to be a real family that loves one another.


I found the session really enjoyable and with a surprising and very positive lasting effect.

I am now viewing the everyday moments with my kids as being wonderful and special and worth celebrating and remembering. You photographing them elevated them. Because after all, the majority of parenting is these moments. As a result of the session I feel I am appreciating the small details of family life more and being better at being present in the moment. Thank you so much for this amazing gift.


I believe that to see the story you are all writing right now, is a special thing. And in years to come it will only become more significant. Right now, that story is on the walls around you, on the tables, in each other’s eyes and gestures. I want you to see the unique and triumphant way of it. And the spontaneous significance of it. So go right ahead and see how beautifully you’re all writing it now.


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