Everything about the Photos of Us

Fine art storytelling photography

Mother stroking daughter's head in a moment of family togetherness

Simply meaningful time to remember:

Because you are together, in the flow of your real day.

And I’ll join you here, out and about, or staying put, doing the things that are meaningful to you.

And you can be present to each other – in that way that you know and love and want to remember.

And your photos will show you your presentness. The lightness, the gravity and the grace of it.

Book your Photos of Us session for:

4-5 hours – £275


8+ hours – £550

After your session you will receive:

A slideshow full to bursting with joy – which you can share with your people.

Digital galleries of the photos of us – which you can purchase separately.

A soft back photobook comes with your digitals. Hardback books (below) & more are available to purchase.

Your photos are about the real emotional landscape that your family inhabits. That’s what you get.

Book of photographs showing pictures of dad and boy playing
Book of photographs showing portraits of a boy
Boy relaxing at dinner table during photography session

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