Environmental portrait of child in garden, clasping face with hands.
Child on adult's shoulders outside.
Mother and child's hands touching.
Child gripping onto a shoe and laughing.
Family scene at dinner with Grandad kissing baby.
Mother and child resting together in a beautiful moment together in a grassy field.
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London Family Photographer – Ben Heasman

Photos for your beloved unordinary life

Documentary family photographer for London, Surrey and everywhere

Want to see some real family photography?

Small child's fingerprints left on a living room window, illustrating an alternative approach to London family photography.

Family photos that GET your crazy brilliant life?

Boy having fun waving his hand to produce shadows on the wall - as an example of unconventional documentary family photography.

Pictures of the exhausting marvel of your family*?

Group portrait in the garden by London family photographer Ben Heasman.

*I am forever re-examining the meaning of this word. My own family evolves anew each day. Which is a bloody challenge. And amazing.

Then you’re extremely close to a treasure trove of family photos…

Of your cherished, unordinary, real life together. Find them through the orange. They are called:

(Because they are yours. And that would be grammatically correct.)


Ben and Leo having a kiss outside the Tate modern

London documentary family photographer

Hi! I’m Ben – a husband, dad, wannabe badminton* player and documentary family photographer in London. I have a background in fine art and teaching and a foreground in toddler parenting. I am fluent in the language of beautiful photography and am also a pretty good people-person.

I love light, atmosphere and occasionally musing on my own family. And I use unposed documentary photography to capture the specialness of your real life – the one that you really love and really want to remember.

Read more about the documentary approach that I take over on my blog. And chat to me about your everyday days and your special days coming up – and how they can turn into beautiful artwork for years and years to come.

*Started playing again. (Extremely proud about this – ‘considering-an-entire-blog-post-on-it’ proud)
Photographer as a young man hiking through the Alps before his Masters degree in London.
Photographer hanging from a swing taking a photo at a family session.
Photographer's family leaving the Tate modern gallery together


Documentary family awards logo which Ben made the finals for 2019 Spring cycle.

Website, blog and social media platform: Sham of the Perfect - which Ben's work has featured in.

Documentary Family Photographers - social media platform, website and directory.

Online platform featuring documentary family photography - which Ben's work has featured in.



Have a look at a selection of photographs taken from a variety of family sessions. You will find real emotion, connection and joy. This is natural, documentary family photography.


Give me a call or an email. I love chatting about all things family and photography, and I’m sure I can help you out with any questions about sessions, pricing, and process.


My approach – as a family photographer in London

From a regular day with your family to your most special event, I document genuine human stories – the characters, exchanges and surprises that colour your life. The things that make it so relatable, and that make you know it all afresh. I respond to emotions, details and moments as they unfold, and I use a camera to make of them something artful: to show the suddenness of a shock, the atmosphere of a particular time, the ‘plumness’ of a plum (that’s a line from the English Patient – but you get the idea). I work discretely, with lots of feeling and with a keen visual eye. I love the genre of photojournalism but I don’t feel restricted by it. And I like plums every now and then.

Mother and child buying an ice cream during a family photography session

Feet and hands of mother and child in an everyday moment of family togetherness.

Your real family

What I love to photograph more than anything in the world is people and situations as they are. There is always a beauty, an emotion, a significance – ‘there’ – right in the fold. I like nothing more than to reveal one, two or a torrent of these moments in a visual form – a form in which I have training and, I guess, my own history, significances and references. It’s important to say that I bring all of this ‘artistic literacy’ into my work as a family photographer in London, or wherever. To help give a language to those moments of genuine intrigue, of revelation, or pure fun.

The value of documentary family photography

Most importantly perhaps, what I bring to my work is… myself. I value the feelings, the trust and situations of those I work with. I have an unobtrusive manner – although I prefer the word ‘responsive’, as I understand that being ‘unobtrusive’ sometimes means being ‘part of things’ and, at other times, means giving you space to be who you are. As a family photographer, I’m not ‘in your face’ or interfering, neither am I cold or aloof. I will respond to the energy and emotion and atmosphere of a situation; and I will photograph meaningful, human moments because I will recognise them, value them, and shake them by the hand.

family moment with Ben and his family outside in London


This is me

London family photographer

And UK!

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News – of deer visits, and family musings…

London family photography locations:

Before entering the special world of documentary family photography I spent many years practicing lens-based art and teaching photography – and I bring this experience with me wherever I go. I am based in South West London and provide family photography sessions to areas such as Twickenham, Teddington, Richmond, Wimbledon, Esher and Kingston without batting an eyelid. However, all areas of North London and South London are covered with relish. Family photography sessions are also available further afield in counties such as Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Sussex, Dorset, Oxfordshire and Hertfordshire. This green and pleasant land is a nice place to travel.