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Forwards and backwards with a camera

A Portrait

Portrait of London family photographer Ben Heasman's son Leo, in a rare moment of thoughtful inactivity.

How often do you see yourself in your child? Leo looks just like me, so it's basically all the time. But then, he doesn't act like me. Not least because he's a two year old. But also because I'm prone to a random 'muse' whilst he prefers 'thinking-in-action'...

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A Patch of Paint

London family photographer Ben Heasman thinks over adventures in sculpture as a student

As a sculpture student, I used to visit the Cast Courts in the V&A museum. A massive den of monuments from all over the continent. Each one is made of plaster, because each one is a copy: a life-sized piece of Europe.

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Petal Pie?

London family photographer Ben Heasman thinks over recent cultural excursions.

There is an apple in a Josef Koudelka photograph, laid out on a newspaper, laid out on a field, miles away. It’s cut in a way that I would never do, using a knife I’d never own. And it’s just kind of… different.

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Everywhere is Orange

Everywhere is orange. The last time this happened was the summer of 2003. But I missed it. I spent that August in the green and white of the Alps. I took a photograph of a donkey, but I’m missing that now.

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Deer Silence

Deer come, from time to time, to our window. They do so unannounced and in silence. And these guys' silence is breathtaking. It's a kind of communal abundance. And very different from my own pointy, squinting sort.

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