How does your day feel?

Here are Anna’s impressions:

I found the session really enjoyable and with a surprising and very positive lasting effect.

I am now viewing the everyday moments with my kids as being wonderful and special and worth celebrating and remembering. You photographing them elevated them. Because after all, the majority of parenting is these moments. As a result of the session I feel I am appreciating the small details of family life more and being better at being present in the moment. Thank you so much for this amazing gift.

So here are the details:

The unordinary, quiet, dramatic and textured details of living. Your afternoon through to dinner; or lunch out then back; or nothing much then everything at once. The details will come from your real, free, time together. And I will make rectangles out of them – that show you just how much you work, and love and live.

And the chatting:

We’ll get to know each other before your session. We’ll have at least one phone call, and whatever online dialogue you like. I’m a chatty soul on Instagram and I’ll answer any question – or just listen (although you’ll probably here all about Leo and Pippa too). The Insta feed is this way.

And the way of the day:

During your session you will have the time to navigate your day as you normally would. You’ll be able to make a mess and tidy it up; spend time with different combinations of people; and go crazy and then take 5. I will be present to the quietness and alive to the action. And I’ll find the real moments of beauty in both.

And the triangles:

The majority of your time will be undirected, unposed family fun – which you will get used to very quickly. We will find a time if you wish, to make a family portrait together, which will involve some direction and me getting very excited about light and things like triangles.

And after:

After your session I will create a set of images that tell your family’s beautiful, unordinary story. In 3-4 weeks you will receive a link to your own personal gallery and a video slide show of your photos. Digital collections include a complimentary softback photobook. For full details on prices and products, request a free brochure.

And in the Photos of Us…

I want you to see the story you are all writing right now. It’s on the walls, on the tables, in each other’s eyes and gestures. I want you to see the unique and triumphant way of it. And the spontaneous significance of it. The raw and delicate memory-making of it. It’s just the way I feel: artistically, personally, everything.