Congratulations for following your gut and choosing to find out how we can tell the story of your family’s life together. Your kids, your relatives, and your future self will be smiling back at you as they turn the pages of their photo book.

And you’re here because you want to share all that joy around you without altering anything about what makes it so formative and sustaining. So this is where you can find out the answers to all of your questions about how it works!

Streatham family photographer - documentary session with Anna and family.

I’m really glad you found me. For my own part, I have found my way here through the gradual work of connecting things that I care about across fine art, learning, and parenting. Basically, I’ve followed my gut too – just with a camera.

And this means that the approach I take to photographing your family is thoughtful, compassionate and will resonate with you.

1. So you might be thinking.. I’m interested but how long will it take?

Lots of other types of photography services will have you in and out of a session faster than an episode of Tiger King. And that’s often the case when you hire a service. It’s always about getting back to your life, and not putting you out too much or for too long.

We do things a little bit different. Because when you hire me, the one thing you will not do is leave your life. You can carry on with the cooking, you can extend the football match way into extra time, and you can get stuff ready for that trip that you’ve been planning – and take it!. And I will not hold anything up at all.

You can choose one of two packages with me: a half day or a full day.

mum and daughter buy an ice cream from a van parked by their house.

Half days can be early or late. They can cover an afternoon until dinner and beyond. Or you can book me for an early rise until after lunch. We’ll be able to capture your activities, trips, quiet time, and family rituals. You’ll also be able to watch a film after your session – or before…

Full days are from morning until evening. Having a lot of time in your session is really useful for finding the moments that matter to you, and for finding all the moments you need to take 5 and relax throughout the day.

Whatever your session, I’ll enjoy being there, and I’m damn sure you and your kids will feel the same. We’ll chat throughout the day, share stories, I’ll join in with games, and we’ll share quiet moments where no-one needs to talk, or do anything at all. I like people. Just saying.

2. So how much will it cost?

Small child's fingerprints left on a living room door window, illuminated by the sun.

If you’re searching for some nice photos to collect and keep on the shelf, the investment will feel like a stretch.

But you’re not doing that right? You’ve got an open mind and you’re thinking hard about what it means to mark your real days together in photographs. All that you’ll gain from your session will be worth it because, in short, we’re celebrating the relationships and moments that make you love your dear life. And we’re finding a way to hold them up as the constant revelation that they are – and will be for a long time to come.

Some things you buy can last a fair while. And that’s nice. With these photos that’s the whole point. They are just as much for 20 years’ time as they are for now. And they are just as much for your kids as they are for you. In fact, there are a whole bunch of people that this can have a meaningful impact on. And that’s very nice indeed.

Full days: £545 to book; £1400 after session for photos, book & slide show

Half days: £295 to book; £915 after session for photos, book & slide show

If you need a flexible payment plan those are available upon request.

3. Is there anything you need us to do?

This question I hear a lot when people are worried that they might be too boring and won’t be able to take interesting pictures with.

And I get it. We are all used to seeing a clamber of images, each one trying to reach the top of the social media feed by being the most ‘spectacular’.

So then you might, or might not, be surprised when I tell you: There isn’t anything else you need to do…

…apart from booking your session.

Mother and child resting together in a beautiful moment together in a grassy field.

Let me ask you this: 

Do you know that bit in films that often comes up just before the climactic ending? We cut to a quiet domestic scene: a flashback perhaps, of our hero with their mum. And in this brief pause to all the explosions and chases, we’re offered a human connection to what’s driving this otherwise crazy plot.

Well, that brief moment in the film is your photo album. Not the aliens, or the giant holograms. Not anything that needs social media wows. Just the images of your own meaningful, shared, happiness in its real everyday setting.

And why? Well, I’m pretty sure you’re all over the answer to this. And I’m thinking it’s something along the lines of: because you love each other exactly as you are, doing the things that you tell yourselves to do, not what other people tell you to do. And this is how you’d bloody well love to see yourself.

For me, I believe that these everyday moments in your life are timeless, and worthy of the finest photo album. End of story.

4. Okay, but what exactly will I get?

A child's hand in the foreground producing shadows on an interior wall.

So, whatever your session, a few weeks afterwards you will get an online gallery of images that will lovingly tell the story of your day together. You’ll also get a slideshow which you can share with family and friends. They are yours from the moment they land. There are no hidden fees or after-sales stuff to deal with.

On top of this, you will get a god-damn beautiful photo book delivered to your door, which I put my heart and soul into curating for you. Giving you this physical, tactile object is just about the most exciting thing about the whole process for both of us. And I am certain that it will be a proud and meaningful moment for you. One that can last a lifetime. Imagine the hands of your child’s grandkids turning the page and seeing you. Properly.

Well, is ‘now’ the right now?

This is a simple and important question. And I can’t tell you when the exact right moment is for your session. But if you’re feeling like this is connecting with you – after seeing enough images and reading enough about the why’s and the how’s, then this is the very best moment to do it.

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