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Mother walking down stairs with cup of coffee.
I’d love to say that I’m the best person to document your family memories, but I don’t think this would quite be true…



The real memory keepers

In my opinion the best keepers of your memories are... your very own walls and ceilings.
You see, their angles and proportions are just so perfectly attuned to catch hold of everything you know and love, and to keep it all there - in the paint, or the plaster, or the fingerprints...
It’s like one of those unavoidable laws that god determined right at the beginning: ‘Right, you’re a wall, and your job will be to hold stuff up... Oh, and one other thing... you’ve got to hold onto memories too.’
Wall says: ‘okay I can do no. 1, but no. 2? Really? Wtf?’

A secret

I’ll tell you a secret about myself: For a certain amount of time every week, I stare at walls. (Well, certainly over lockdown I have…)
I stare at them when I suddenly forget why I’m in a particular room - and hope the walls will remind me. I stare at them too because I’ve always thought walls are simply quite beautiful.
But I also stare at them because I think that they really did figure it out - no. 2 that is - and that they really do hold those things called memories rather well.

Problem? No problem

The only problem, of course, is that those walls don’t speak very loudly, if at all. And as much as they want to tell you about the life that you love, in the space that you’ve shared for so long... they struggle.
Well, don’t be deterred dear reader/family member/wall conferrer. I will be sensitive and appreciative to everything your walls have to offer. I’m a good wall-listener.

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