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Streatham family photographer – Family time together for Anna and all from lunch to bedtime. A regular day – with art, music and a quite palpable love between them all. Come see.

Streatham family photographer for a real beautiful family

These four certainly knew how to spend their everyday time together. From dad’s guitar to a giant drawing session there was plenty of lovely shared fun to document – for a documentary family photographer. But it wasn’t just the simple shared fun. Being around these guys, it was hard not to be moved by the way they helped each other out throughout the day. In fact, by the end of the day I was quite overwhelmed by the supportive, colourful and nurturing environment that they all inhabited. What an absolute treat of a session this was. And what a beautiful family.

A documentary family photographer’s dream

One of the wonderful things about documentary family sessions is that they allow for ebbs and flows over an afternoon, evening etc. And it is often in these in-between times that family relationships, interactions and connections can really be fleshed – in the full, three-dimensional manner that they really exist in. It was a joy to see the various ways that this family supported each other throughout the day – and an exciting challenge to document and convey in storytelling photographs. And ultimately, it made for an intimate and caring portrait of an intimate and caring family.

Streatham family photographer – documenting real human time together

After the session, Anna (mum) told me that the session had really opened her eyes to noticing more of the little details of her family’s life together, and to celebrate the little – but bloody awesome – things they do as parents and as a family, as they go about their business of living their lives together. And of all the moving things about this session, this was probably the most moving of all. There is something caring and simply human about spending time together. And the beautiful thing about documentary family sessions is that, because they are not staged or contrived, a family can be themselves, they can feel themselves, and they can get to appreciate further both who and what they are as a family and as simply people doing stuff – and this is before they even see the photographs!

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