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Mum and son playing with glow sticks on Miami beach

Me, mum and dad went to a place called Florida last year. 

When we got there, dad kept repeating the words that the border officer said to him. Which were: ‘Well, Benjamin…’

Which seems fairly normal to me but, for some reason, made him go all ‘thoughtful’.

Palm trees against the night sky

There was this thing called Storytellers Photo-conference that he was attending.

And whilst he did so I hung out with other ‘conference kids’ at this awesome hotel. And had an awesome time.

View of pool by a Miami hotel.

And chatted with a nice lady. Who helped dad work out how to use a camera.

Boy laughing with woman at a conference

Then we all went to a museum for kids. Which mum and dad discussed from a ‘teaching and learning perspective’ way too much.

Silhouettes of mother and child at a museum

But it was very fun. As was everything about the trip.

Mother and child playing giant piano keys on the floor

Mum and dad said it was up there with the best decisions they’d ever made.

Family of three at Miami beach

And dad claimed to have met lots of other special people who also know how to use cameras. (And how to focus them.)

Attendees at an event enjoying the evening.

Which, along with the yellow water bottle, was a big deal for him.

Mother and child smiling in a taxi

And I get it.

Mother and child disembarking from a plane.

Even though my favourite colour is orange.


Ben Heasman

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