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Small child picked up by adult on boat.

London wedding photography for Terry and Sarah’s special day – a day full of love, light and happy, happy times.

London wedding photography – Terry & Sarah

A day to remember in the City of London

Along with documenting family life, I love to photograph the joy, the fun and the emotion of weddings. This London wedding photography post focusses on all of these things – with Terry and Sarah’s wonderful, special day that started in the City of London and finished at Greenwich (via riverboat). There was something about this day that, well, made a mark. Maybe it was the simple, unbridled happiness that abounded; or perhaps it was the wonderful role played by the kids throughout the day. Whatever it was, Terry and Sarah’s wedding simply refused to leave anyone there unaffected by it. Happy, happy times indeed.

The moments

This wedding was all about moments. The moment Terry found himself standing beside his absolute sweetheart in the very church he was christened in; the moment the curtains became rather interesting to some of the little people (can you spot it?); the special, beautiful moments shared by every person there that day. As a photographer specialising in documentary storytelling, I delight in all those moments that make a day such as this – the big and the small of them. These moments are stock full of genuine, human connection.

The small and the big

So I decided to show you some of the smaller moments from Terry and Sarahs’s wedding – along with the bigger ones – that made the day the real, beautiful event that it was. Maybe it’s the family photographer in me, or maybe I’m just remembering my own unique-crazy-yet-inclusive wedding day, but I feel there’s a place for absolutely everyone in a wedding photograph. So go ahead and enjoy the big and the small of these beautiful people’s beautiful wedding day. It’s captured in the same documentary approach that I take to my family work – which values the real, the unique and the god-damn humanity!

Terry and groomsmen getting ready. Young child looking at adult's hand with bandage. Terry waiting at the doors of the church. Terry's usher keeping an eye on him. Bridesmaids looking on at church. Terry and Sarah meeting at the ceremony. Detail of the couple's new rings. Terry and Sarah at the ceremony. Speech at the wedding ceremony. Church scene with bride and groom together at ceremony. Bride and groom putting pen to paper. Terry and Sarah exiting the ceremony.

Scene with coat on a chair on a Thames river boat. Bride checks in with other family members. Wedding guests enjoying a river boat ride. Adult picking up small child on river boat. Confetti shower for bride and groom walking up stairs. Laughter during wedding speeches. Guests enjoy a speech at the wedding reception. Guests enjoy the atmosphere at the reception. Children opening presents at wedding reception. Grandad helps child open a book at wedding reception. Best man talks with father at wedding reception. Grandad and Grandchild putting on a shoe. Guest relaxing at wedding reception. Boy blowing candle out on empty wedding reception table. Guests having a kiss at wedding reception.

What do you think?

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