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Anna having a hug with mum.

A London kids photoshoot with the energetic Anna and a whole lot of playground to explore. Will mum be able to keep up? You bet she can! Take a look at this great play crew in action.

London kids photoshoot

A Portrait of Play with treehouses, high walks and running!

In this London kids photoshoot, Anna and her mum have found one heck of a fun playground. Anna is rearing to go. Mum’s just had a coffee. Are you ready? Great. Then we’ll begin Anna’s awesome, energetic and totally enjoyable Portrait of Play. This was a relentlessly fun session which saw one curious kid explore every inch of a playground which was totally new to her. And as a new experience, the afternoon of play was somewhat of an unknown to all involved. But, as you can see, the explorative Anna grasped everything new (including shoes, water and dragons) with both hands – just like mum thought she would.

A photoshoot documenting curiosity, exploration and fun

This session was a great opportunity to capture her insatiable curiosity and exploration of a brand new environment – and to document it as something meaningful and descriptive of her. In fact, the afternoon session made for a good example of how new experiences can bring out the fun – and the character – of the people involved.

A photoshoot documenting a kid and her mum – TOGETHER

One of the reasons why this brand new experience worked so well for Anna was undoubtedly down to having an awesome mum around, giving helping hands, space when needed, reassurance when (rarely) needed, and not being in any way tripped up by questions about dragons. In fact, as you can see, the session is as much about the fun and togetherness that these two were able to have. And as a family photographer in London and beyond, I can tell you this much: fun and togetherness are just the best to photograph.

Anna exploring a playground Anna getting involved at a play ground. Anna getting her hands wet at the play ground. Anna looking up in a treehouse. Anna hanging onto shoe. Anna giving her mum a helping hand at the playground. Anna and mum at playground. Anna riding a unicorn at the playground. Anna going down a slide. Anna coming out of a slide. Anna with mum trying to keep up! Anna having a moment to herself at the playground. Anna navigating a log at a playground. Kids photoshoot of Anna coming down from the high walks. Anna having a hug with mum.

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This Portrait of Play was brought to you by the awesomeness of Hampton Court Palace’s Magic Garden.


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