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Girl dancing in garden holding a feather during a family photo session.

A family photo session with Jen and family, featuring a very cool trampoline, weekend car washing, and lots and lots of love.


~ Photo session with Jen and family ~

To mark a special chapter

Jen and her family are moving house. In the time they've spent here they've had Lyra and raised her into a happy, confident and funny three year old girl. But before they left, they wanted to document a simple day together in this house, this garden (and this rather wonderfully used front drive). A simple and meaningful way for them to mark the time they've had here. And to do the photo session, simply, all together. Because this is what they treasure about their time here.


I often use blog posts to talk about the family in the photo shoot, and the simple things that make their regular life so unordinary. This is indeed the case (in spades) with Jen and her family. But I want to mention a little about how they myself feel, and the experience they gave me. From the moment I walked through the door I was greeted by words like 'welcome' and 'accepted'. I was shown all the favourite spots and all the favourite games (of all three). And I was, for 5 further hours, taken into the family as an honorary member. For this I am just so grateful. It's one of the absolute best parts of this job - to have the chance to meet real, wonderful people, to give them respect, and for them to give themselves to the day honestly and with the love that they have. A simple, life affirming thing.

A full half day

These family photos come from a half day 'Photos of Us' session. It started after lunch and took in an afternoon of family fun around the house and garden, and continued through Lyra's dinner, bath and wind-down stories. Half day sessions last around 4-5 hours and can take in trips out, different meals in the day, and an early morning or end-of-day routine. There is enough time for some natural ebb and flow - and for your family to be able to settle into their own natural rhythm. This is, above all else, the most important thing about getting the real and meaningful pictures that reflect you as the real family as you are, and how you know yourselves and want to remember. Families often opt for a half day session such as this before going for a full day-in-the-life session - which I also offer. For more information on my sessions, you can visit the photo shoot info pages. But I hope you enjoy this special families session as much as I, and they did too.

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