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Portrait of London family photographer Ben Heasman's son Leo, in a rare moment of thoughtful inactivity.

How often do you see yourself in your child? Leo looks just like me, so it's basically all the time. But then, he doesn't act like me. Not least because he's a two year old. But also because I'm prone to a random 'muse' whilst he prefers 'thinking-in-action'...

But then, sometimes, he does act just like me. And it's a bit weird. And a bit familiar. And it reminds me of a portrait. Not a self portrait. Just a portrait. One that's so enthralling because it's a bit weird and a bit familiar. And it reminds me of the line: 'the fictive possibilities of the self' - from an author called Amelie Nothomb. Who writes about the fictive possibilities of the self.

And I'm convinced that documentary photography isn't altogether lost on this 'fictive' stuff. Because I think this is another way of saying: 'memory-in-action'. Which is like real life. Just like it. Really, just like it. It's the special bit. The bit you can only love. I want to capture this bit. I really do. Okay, 'random muse' alert. But it's what this guy was thinking about I'm sure...

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